Jenny Marie McAdams

Jenny Marie McAdams

Music can be deeply healing. For Jenny Marie McAdams it has been the antidote to an upbringing full of instability, self doubt, and heartache. McAdams’ debut album Heartache, I’m Fine is a reflection on a lifetime of hard ship that can be heard through the richness and emotional depth of her songs, each telling a different aspect of the journey which led to her become the musician she is today.

“Life has never been easy for me. My childhood was very dysfunctional. We never had money and moved more times than I can remember. My father suffered from substance abuse which kept our family in denial for years, trying to cope with the darkness of addiction. That being said, there was a constant state of steadfast love that our family shared - it’s what kept us above water.”

Raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, McAdams grew up steeped in the influential rhythms of folk, bluegrass, and southern rock. She began playing guitar at the age of 9. “My father taught me three chords and within a week I was playing entire songs,” she remembers. “Music was always a part of me but I never knew what to do with it. I had uncertainties about how to turn my love for music into a career, or what success really meant to me. I had no real concept of my potential.”

As she has grown, so has her willingness to lay her soul bare.
In 2010 McAdams moved to New York City with only $36 in her pocket. “I had a lot of survival jobs. Personal assistant, bartender... at times I was working sixty hours a week. I felt like I was drowning from the constant pull of just surviving in this city. I was living in a fog.” Then, with a laugh; “but doesn’t that happen to us all?”

Soon after, McAdams was diagnosed with long standing clinical depression. She feels this diagnosis brought her the emotional clarity she needed to create Heartache, I’m Fine. Able to truly face herself for the first time, she tackled her pain head on. “Admitting my depression taught me to let go of the debilitating thoughts that kept me from living. Understanding why I couldn’t find healing is how this album came to life.” She credits her song writing abilities to her sister Mandy. “Mandy and I share in our
musical style and have continuously found ourselves on a similar life path over the years. Our heartache has been similar and our emotional growth has been similar and that helped so much when we were writing together. At times it felt like I was writing songs
with an even more articulate, creative version of myself.”

Mandy's husband Blake Christiana (front man of the prolific Americana band YARN) also partnered with McAdams on writing the album. “Working so closely with brilliant writers was reassuring. I knew what we were producing was meaningful because it came from the full depths of our combined creativity.”
McAdams attributes her progress to the love of her friends and family. “My Mom, who’s always been just a phone call away and always a spiritual support, my Dad who I am pretty sure is my biggest fan along with my sisters (Mandy, Laura, Em, Savannah and Brooke) have supported me every day on this journey and never lost faith in me.

My most recent phase of healing comes from the hands on support of my sisters and soulmates Savannah and Brooke who have barely left my side. And when they did, they kept a lengthy group text going. My boyfriend Jon has seen me through my dark times, and encouraged me to never stop moving. My best friend Pandy has been an unwavering constant in my life.”

Lastly, she dedicates her album to her dogs Spankey, Violet, Rudy and Apple for seeing her through every season, every struggle, and every battle that she felt she was surely losing. She thanks them for their unconditional love and unfathomable ability to
understand her, even when she couldn't understand herself.

Jenny Marie McAdams will be releasing her debut album Heartache, I’m Fine and announcing tour dates in 2019. Her debut single "Mama" is soon available on iTunes and Spotify. Follow her on instagram @jennymariemcadams.

Heartache, I’m Fine was produced at Grand Street Recording, Inc. by Ken Rich and Rod Hohl.

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