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Violent in Black's approach to their music is far closer to the brash, hard-driving Seattle style rhythm & blues than the majority of the groups currently riding the beat wagon, & it is probable this refusal to compromise their music to match the 'current sound' is what's gaining them their rising legions of fans. Their performances have an honesty & power about them that makes those of their contemporaries look insipid. They present their balls-out rock with musicality and passion and without a dull moment. They are free of tattoos and of concerns as they emanate a raw sound for the devastated. Like the perfect piece of chocolate with no nuts or mints or other distractions, the music is deceptively simple, rich, and so good it might be sinful.

Through humble beginnings, the NYC power trio of Joe Berson (vocals, bass), Julian Rhine (guitar, vocals), and Travis Scelia (drums) has been delivering a genuine disdain for conformity while also delivering that beautiful, gut-wrenching, chill-inducing music. Violent in Black (or ViB - pronounced either like "vibe" or one letter at a time like "V.I.B.") is inspiring mutants to accept who they are and helping nobodies to feel alive and find their places. The #ViBers (the band's fans) are losing their minds to ViB's rock for new times and all times.


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