Brekfest w/ LIILY (every Tuesday in January)

Liily are five Los Angeles teenagers hailing from deep in the San Fernando Valley to the edges of the Inland Empire. Emerging from a new and burgeoning culture of youths in the city, their wildly frenetic shows point to a new vision for alternative and hard rock music in 2018 where such things aren't supposed to exist anymore: one that is actually a hell of a lot of fun. Liily makes music that draws on all the jagged stimuli of their upbringings to make something distinctly Los Angeles in 2018.

You wouldn't know it from the walls of death they're forming at their shows, but Liily is creating a space for their generation. With the aid of their deep fraternal bonds, Liily is pulling an exhilarating scene out of rock's current murmur.


After 2 years as an underground DIY event, Los Angeles band Liily are bringing the 2019 version of their festival Brekfest to the Echo LA every Tuesday of January starting the 8th. Hosted by their LA based indie label Flush Records and Spaceland Presents, this new iteration of Brekfest will feature an absolutely over the top lineup with secret headliners each night including the best and most original artists from a burgeoning Los Angeles underground. All killer and no filler. Liily plays their own set each night and carefully curates each event to be unique. PLUS: it’s all ages and absolutely free (Thanks Flush!). This shit’s gonna be nutz.

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