In the Presence of Proof with Intuitive Medium Deborah Hanlon

In the Presence of Proof with Intuitive Medium Deborah Hanlon

After the death of her four-year-old brother, then three-year-old Deborah Hanlon embarked on a life-long journey of discovery of science and self to find proof of what she knew deep inside, that life after death exists. She knew her brother was still around as she was able to communicate with him. Possessing an insatiable interest in science and spirituality and a commitment to deepen her awareness, Deborah has become a trusted expert for matters of our hearts and souls. Her focus as a medium is to help the living transition their own 'afterlife', following the loss of a loved one.

Her passion for teaching the living how to recalibrate themselves after loss inspired her to open her Spiritual space known as The Center for Being, Knowing, Doing in Newburgh, NY. There, Deborah teaches workshops on meditation/visualization, intuitive development, mediumship, personal development, and energy awareness.

Learn more about Deborah at Follow her on Facebook at Intuitive Medium Deborah Halon, and Twitter/Instagram @imdeborahhanlon.

$45.00 - $75.00


For accessible seating please contant 518-953-0630.

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