DJ Fritzo's Music Video Jam (11PM FREE), Lexi Todd, The Dirty Pedals, Gentlemen and Scholars, Frankie Blanco, Flying Lessons, Apricity

DJ Fritzos Music Video Jam (11PM FREE)

djFRiTZo is a filmmaker, soundscaper, and crowd motivator. An original Brooklynite, Fritzo proudly shoulders the mission of cultivating the true spirit of NYC nightlife: when partying was about expression, style, and sweat. A true music lover, djFRiTZo has a vinyl collection of over 20,000 records, and an equally extensive digital library of music and videos, that span many genres and eras.

As a former music video director, he created the Music Video Jam! where in he mixes music videos on HD screens, immersing guests in a titillating visual and sonic experience.

Having honed his craft over the years in countless NYC clubs, bars, lounges, galleries, warehouses, a night with djFRiTZo is always an entertaining musical adventure thru time and space.

Lexi Todd is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and soul-searcher. She started singing when she was four years old and hasn’t stopped since. Lexi performed in choirs, a capella groups, and musical theatre productions growing up, and started performing as a solo act at variety shows in high school. Although she started writing songs in middle school, she didn’t begin performing her original songs until she joined her first full band, Chevy Lopez.

A self-defined “gnar&b” band, Chevy Lopez has spent the past seven summers touring heavily up and down the East Coast, giving Lexi the opportunity to hone her live performance and front-person skills, while fine-tuning her distinct sound.

The Dirty Pedals

The Dirty Pedals is an indie rock band consisting of Shannon Denise Evans (vocals, co-composer), Dylan Glatthorn (keyboard, piano, co-composer), Andy Martinek (drummer), Jeff Koch (bass) and Paul Maddison (guitar). The band dishes out gothic rock ‘n’ soul with swampy fux underground twist. Their sound is impassioned, authentic rock at its core and their music will seep into the marrow of your bones.

Gentlemen and Scholars

Four-piece rock group from Long Island, New York. KYTV was created four years ago and has been playing shows throughout the metropolitan area. The band puts on an energetic live show that includes both original and cover songs. KYTV has a knack for getting each audience engaged and moving. KYTV is currently selling and promoting their first self produced EP, as well as a variety of other merchandise that can be purchased at the shows.

Frankie Blanco

I believe what you believe is what is. Nothing is what it is unless you believe.
What's real? Enjoy now.

Flying Lessons

Flying Lessons is a rock and roll band founded in Brooklyn, New York. The band’s original material draws on the experiences of small town and big city living, showcased through tales of loss, love and relationships. With a wide variety of influences, the sound comes out like Conor Oberst fronting Social Distortion covering My Morning Jacket. Or none of those things. It’s about having fun.

Apricity [a-PRIS-i-tee] -- NYC based indie rock band. From the Latin aprīcitās, noun of quality from aprīcus, “warmed by the sun”



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