Frank Foster embodies musical independence at its highest level. He not only has taken the road less traveled, but the road almost never traveled. Acting as his own record label,
Management, booking agency and publishing company, he has managed to find success that some major label artists may never find. This rural Louisiana native and former oil field man has taken his songs from the campfire to the coliseum seemingly overnight, all the while gaining a following of fans whose loyalty is unmatched.

His musical journey started in 2011 with the release of his first album Rowdy Reputation.
To follow that up, in the late summer of 2012, he released his second album, Red Wings and
Six Strings. Each and every song from both of those albums have become nightly sing-alongs at his shows. Foster’s next 5 albums all debuted on the Billboard Country Charts.

Southern Soul was released in 2013 debuted at No. 11.Rhythm and Whiskey was released in
2014 debuted at No. 4. His early 2016 release, Boots On The Ground, debuted at No. 7.
Later in 2016, he released Good Country Music, which debuted at No.13. In 2018, he released his seventh album, ’Til I’m Gone, which debuted at #2 on the Billboard Country
Album Sales Charts giving Foster his highest mark yet. He’s a singer, a songwriter and his own boss. He refuses to let anyone water down his kind of counrty music. If he lives it, he writes it; if he writes it, he sings it; if he sings it, he believes it. Frank Foster ... a true original

Ethan Willis

This is not your typical country. Get ready for a high energy, head banging, boot stomping, southern grunge show.

At 22 years old, singer-songwriter Ethan Willis is already turning heads in the country music scene. From his masterfully composed lyrics to his explosive live performances, Ethan displays the passion and professionalism of a seasoned touring artist. And he shows no signs of slowing down. His debut single "Camo & Ammo" gives his fans a feel of what this country singer is all about. The edgy, high-energy chord progressions combined with his outlaw-style lyrics will make you wishing it was hunting season. Ethan is currently in the studio recording his highly anticipated debut album which will be released in the summer of 2016.

Ethan started pursuing a music career at an early age. He started playing drums for various bands all over Memphis, TN. This allowed him to hone his stage craft and gain admiration within the music community. During this time, Ethan was perfecting his songwriting craft as a country artist. His songs were gaining so much popularity he decided it was time to take it to the next level. His debut concert as Ethan Willis was at a showcase for Warner Music Group at the Hard Rock Café in Memphis, TN. Ethan and his band took stage and blew the audience away. This never-before-seen act left the crowd wanting more (especially Warner Music Group!) and ended up leaving that night with the title of Top Performer! Since then he has been steadily gaining fans and support and hopes to one day take the stage at Bridgestone Arena. Ethan Willis is an artist you should not sleep on!

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