Bang A Gong Presents: Dead Wicks, LadyChild, Go Home, Ariah &, Hello Cruel World at Pianos

Dead Wicks

a new york group with a talent for rewriting motown songs with more aggressive lyrics. wowzers, you don't say. our guitars have been distorted, like our smiles, once so pure, so clean... & we love 70's & 80's Japanese pop & game soundtracks, but i hate your brother and you tell'm to gimme back me f*kin drums


LADYCHILD is a showcase of “extraordinary Indie material”, meshing rock, jazz, and dark pop influence in a fascinating and fresh way.

Go Home

We are an electronic alternative rock band based out of new york city.

Ariah &

Ariah & (the awkwardly chosen stage name) is a singer songwriter based in New York. Ariah makes music in New York with lots of other people because people are good.

Hello Cruel World

Hello Cruel World is an experimental alternative band from NY. Think Muse mixed with Soundgarden


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