Thrash Metal (Heavy Metal) band from Huntington Park, California (USA).

Slayer formed in 1981 by Kerry King (guitar), Jeff Hanneman (guitar), Dave Lombardo (drums) and Tom Araya (vocals and bass).
In January 2018 the band members announced the end of Slayer after a final tour.

Influential metal band formed in 1990 as Burn The Priest in Richmond, VA, United States. Changed their name to Lamb of God in 1999.

Chris Adler - Drums (1990-present)
D. Randall "Randy" Blythe - Vocals (1994-present)
John Campbell - Bass (1990-present)
Mark Morton - Guitar (1990-1994, 1999-present)
Willie Adler - Guitar (1999-present)

The veteran Swedish band started out as a grindcore band called Scum in 1989. Formed by members Themgoroth (vocals), Olavi Mikkonen (guitar) and Ted Lundström (bass). Themgoroth eventually left the band and was replaced by Johan Hegg which also resulted in a musical change towards Death/Viking Metal. Anders Hansson (guitar) and Nico Mehra (drums) joined the band and they then finally changed name to Amon Amarth, which is taken from Tolkien's famous "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and means the mighty mountain of doom, in 1992.

In 1993, the band entered Lagret Studio to record the never released demo, "Thor Arise". In March 1994, the band once again entered the same studio to record the demo "Arrival of the Fimbul Winter". Much more satisfied with the sound and production they released it. The 1000 copies quickly sold out and they even got a one-deal record with Singapore's Pulverised Records. In November 1995, the band entered Abyss Studio and recorded the MCD "Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds" and released it 1996. Shortly after their drummer Nico Mehra left the band but was replaced by Martin López of Opeth.

The band was signed to Metal Blade, and once again they entered Abyss Studio to record their first full-length album "Once Sent from the Golden Hall". It was released in 1998. After this recording, guitarist Anders Hansson was replaced by Johan Söderberg and a month later they went on a tour with Deicide, Six Feet Under and Brutal Truth. Martín López then left the band and was replaced by Fredrik Andersson. In 1999 "The Avenger" was recorded and released. In November 2000, the band entered The Abyss Studio for the last time and recorded "The Crusher" and released it in 2001. This release gave Amon Amarth the opportunity to tour a lot more and right after the recording they went on their first headlining tour through Denmark and Germany with Purgatory and Seirim.

A lot of more tours followed and in 2002 "Versus the World" was recorded and released.

Death Metal band formed in Buffalo, New York, 1988.

Cannibal Corpse have accumulated an enormous following since their inception and are officially the top-selling death metal artists of all time in the US. The band have also been accused of "undermining the national character of the United States" and seen their albums and indeed, themselves, banned in several countries. Germany, for example, banned the group from performing all material up to and including Tomb Of The Mutilated until 2006.

Current members:

George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher: vocals (1996-)
Pat O'Brien: guitar (1997-)
Rob Barrett: guitar (1994-1997, 2005-)
Alex Webster: bass (1988-)
Paul Mazurkiewicz: drums (1988-)

Former members:
Chris Barnes: vocals (1988-1995)
Bob Rusay: guitar (1988-1993)
Jack Owen: guitar (1988-2004)
Jeremy Turner: guitar (2004)

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