Aya & Ali, Persona, Kate Van Dorn

Aya & Ali

An inspired sound from the northern African desert to city's concrete jungle.
NYC Band, made of soulful melodies grooving on different African rhythms.

The adage that states that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger hits home for Long Island indie/pop-rock quartet Persona. Prior to the band’s foundation in the summer of 2011, the members spent the best part of the last decade not only developing their craft in various bands, but also forming the character and determination that makes the band who they are today. “We write songs about events that have happened in our lives. Our songs are about overcoming our struggles and telling a story; they’re literally what makes us who we are, collectively,” states singer Tom Spartinos. Indeed, the struggle has been very real in recent years, with a car accident nearly taking drummer Sam Trestman’s life and a fire destroying guitarist Costas Themistocleous’ home as well as the band’s home recording studio.

Kate Van Dorn

Described as both alternative and psychedelic, retro and progressive, Kate has shared her music with a discerning East Coast audience for some time now. At 17 she got her start playing in hometown bars. A few years later, while busking for singles in a nearby airport, she was offered an opportunity to open for country music award winner Thomas Rhett, thus beginning her own career as a recording artist.


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