Single Mothers

Single Mothers

"Combining scab-peeling punk with speak-shout vocals reminiscent of the Hold Steady, this
band of townies from London, Ontario, ruthlessly skewers hypocrites, McSweeney's snobs,
drunk assholes, and God, just to name a few." - Pitchfork
"The start-stop dynamics and serrated vocal hooks of London, Ontario's Single Mothers
instantly remind one of the early 2000's, when At the Drive-In, the Blood Brothers, and other
sorely missed bands combined math-rock, emo and hardcore into something so scarily close to
pop, they couldn't help but implode." - Pitchfork
"It’s a lesson in the power of punk, as the 52-second ‘Womb’ emphasizes: “Rock’n’roll is a
sacrifice/So I let you take my body and I threw away my life”.- NME
"Known for their explosive live show, unrelenting punk rock appeal and a palpable tension that
seems to bleed into their music, this is a band with some serious brawn behind them" -
"Single Mothers is one of those bands you just have to see to believe. " - Exclaim
'Our Pleasure' reviews
'Single Mothers refreshingly don't care if you like them or not. So take them or leave them, but
you'd be a fool to miss out.' 8/10 - Kerrang!
'Overall, Our Pleasure feels musically intricate on a new level--thicker basslines, much more
pronounced drums and priding itself with a lot of guitar-driven character. It's them at their
most distinct and honestly, most assertively powerful stance.' 4/5 - Punknews
'..beneath the blown-out speakers is timeless songwriting that could be stripped down to the
bones and still stand on its own.' 7/10 - Exclaim
'It finds the group evolving while holding on to what was best about their first LP, and they
remain a singular and bracing punk rock band for people who think they're too smart for punk
rock. Well worth your time and attention.' 8/10 - Allmusic
Negative Qualities Reviews
'While Thomson rants, Single Mothers rage.- 7.4/10 - Pitchfork
'A debut brimming with bile.' 8/10 - NME

'A rapid barrage of sludge-rich bass, scalding guitar distortion and wrist-popping drums fill atop
frontman Drew Thomson's infuriated black humor.' - 8/10 Alternative Press

Mobina Galore

Vocally aggressive power chord punk rock duo based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Formed in late 2010. Members are Jenna Priestner (guitar/vocals) and Marcia Hanson (drums/vocals).
They are signed to New Damage Records, Canada and Gunner Records, Europe/UK.



False Brother is a post-punk band from Kansas City, MO formed in 2016.

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