Serenade hosted by Christina LaRocca



Christina LaRocca

Soulful singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Her story is one of independence, strength and artistry. Her songs are the road. The road is her home.

Craig Greenberg


Cassie Boettcher

Cassie's last name is pronounced "betcher," like bet your bottom dollar.
Cassie is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Okay, a suburb of it. It's so much easier to say Milwaukee.
Cassie lives in Los Angeles, California now! Burbank to be specific. Another suburb.
Cassie does a lot of creative things.
Cassie writes and sings music. And knows the whole rap of Eminem's "Love The Way You Lie."
Cassie works on TV shows like the Bachelor franchise, the Late Show with David Letterman, and a bunch of others.
Cassie also speaks Japanese, loves bread, and talks way too loud and doesn't realize it. Sorry, everybody.
Cassie is so much more than that too.
But that covers a lot of it.



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