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Gorilla Biscuits

US-Hardcore punk band formed 1987 in New York City - they released one EP and one full-length.
Discontinued in 1991, briefly reformed in 1997 and again in 2005.

[1987] Gorilla Biscuits were formed by Anthony Civorelli (vocals), Walter Schreifels, Alex Brown (both on guitar), Arthur Smilios (bass) and Luke Abbey (drums).
[1988-1989] Gorilla Biscuits sign to Revelation Records for their self-titled 7" and their only full-length album Start Today, which is often considered a seminal recording.
[1991] Gorilla Biscuits break up.
[1994-2000] Civarelli and Smilios resurface in CIV.
[1997] Gorilla Biscuits briefly reunited for a benefit at CBGB's.
[2005] Gorilla Biscuits reunite again and have continued touring. Despite reunion shows, there are no plans for a new album.

"Judge was set apart from the other youth crew bands of the time, basically because we were, well, 'darker' I guess is a good word. The dark side of the force. The music wasn't 'paint by the numbers' thrash, it was heavy and brutal. The lyrics also weren't the typical messages of idealized hope popular at the time: they were brooding and angry, fueled by a sense of frustration and anguish." - Porcell, some lines from the line notes from the discography.

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