Strangelove - The Depeche Mode Experience

Strangelove - The Depeche Mode Experience

Internationally touring tribute sensation STRANGELOVE delivers a pitch-perfect “best of” Depeche Mode arena/stadium-scaled concert that transports listeners through time and touches on several key points in DM’s illustrious career.
In addition to spot-on recreations of the music, the hip swivels, stage sets, spins, and projection visuals are all there. The visual presentation and in-show costume changes reflect different eras of Depeche Mode’s four decade, 120 million album selling story.

Hummer - Smashing Pumpkins Tribute

Hummer is four New York guys that love the sound of the 90’s Smashing Pumpkins. Starting as a casual jam session at King Killer rehearsal space in Gowanus Brooklyn, the guys realized that they had tapped into the visceral energy that made that era of rock so unique. Covering mostly songs of the Pumpkins' Siamese Dream era, the band captures all the dreamy intensity of Corgan and Co.’s most beloved songs.

Hummer is Shiv Puri on the drums, Konrad Payne on bass guitar, Jay Sharfstein on lead guitar, and Todd Michaelsen on vocals and guitar.



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