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Bird Concerns is a four-piece garage rock band from Los Angeles, California. The musical collective began as a collaboration between fellow CalArts students, Marcus Buser (Bass, Vocals), Travis Meador (Guitar, Vocals), Jake Sucher (Guitar, Vocals) and Cooper Wolken (Drums, Vocals). Built upon four-part harmonies, interweaving guitars and infectious rhythms, Bird Concerns is delivering a fresh approach to rock’n’roll.

Inspired by their jazz and classical studies, the vibrancy of the Los Angeles art scene and rock bands such as The Zombies, Deerhoof, and The Cure, Bird Concerns has succeeded in crafting their own unique take on rock music. “We wanted to make something that is rooted in tradition, but has something new to say. We're more interested in asking questions than giving statements.”, reveals Buser.

Bird Concerns has been making waves by headlining high profile Los Angeles venues, as well as recently coming off of a successful west coast tour. The four-piece has also been featured on numerous tastemaker blogs and media outlets. ‘The Monster’ and ‘Oh Well’ are the band's two newest singles, available on all digital platforms.

Bird Concerns is Travis Meador, Cooper Wolken, Jake Sucher, and Marcus Buser.

Innocent Alex consists of Lake Jiroudek, Evan Jiroudek, and Marcus Högsta. It was formed in the summer of 2015 by Evan when he began writing songs after spending a few months in Athens, GA working on another project called Wistappear. He began writing an EP in Los Angeles and when he finished demoing it he went out to Oregon with Lake who was in New York at the time and Blake Baldwin who was coming from Los Angeles. The Brothers collaborated on the album and co-wrote the song 6 plus 6 plus 9. The EP was released in March 2017. “The EP wheedles its way into the cerebrum with its acoustic led soft palette which drifts the mind into a subconscious psychotropic trance” (Emerging Indie Bands). The EP was tracked and mixed by Evan and was mastered in Athens, GA with Jason Nesmith(Dirty Projectors, New Madrid, Fred Schneider, Clem Snide, a Pandora session for the Drive-By Truckers, and dozens more great local and national artists). Lake and Evan recently went back to Oregon in the winter of 2018 and tracked their new album which is co-written between the two of them. The album takes on a very different shape than the EP, being more inspired by the 70's rock'n'roll period. Influences such as Neil Young, The Band, John Lennon, and The Allman Brothers help shape the sound yet they add a twist of their own. They are currently in Los Angeles mixing the Debut Album which will be released in the summer of 2019.

Singer/songwriter Joel Heinrich has teamed up with his friends to play earnest love songs in the key of Chad Vangaalen. Exploring the raw emotional side of relationships Rubaiyat avoids nostalgic ballads by giving the listener a 'slice of love' sort of storytelling that finds lovers always trudging towards each other, yet somehow unable to ever meet on the same note.



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