Bloodshot Bill

Bloodshot Bill plays Wild Greasy Rock'n'Roll & Hillbilly music...usually by himself. He is from Canada.

Light Bulb Alley

Light Bulb Alley believes in Rock ‘N’ Roll in its pure form, but does not disqualify the significance of the ever changing currents of new music. They do not believe in dogmatic pureness or regurgitating a carbon copy of what has been done before. Their sound is an alchemy of old and new, darkness and light. This duality is ever changing and never stagnant.

James Matthew VII

Formerly Blind Matty, James Matthew VII is an exciting new psychedelic folk project based in Toronto, Ontario

Zorton and The Cannibals

Rock'N'Roll swami and flesh eaters. Garage prom!!!
Zach Worton, Megan Garza, Nick Ruest, Ian Sattler

$10.00 - $13.00


Come join us for New Years Eve at The Baby G!

We've got greasy Bloodshot Bill from Montreal!

Local Toronto garage Zorton and The Cannibals!

Teresinha Costa of With It! DJ parties spinning 60's, soul & mod vinyl all night!

We've got plenty of surprises still to announce and there will be a champagne toast at midnight!

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The Baby G