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Calloway Circus

Calloway Circus is a young, fun, and energetic duo from St. Louis, MO. Their songs are dynamic and emotional, their shows are electrifying and exciting, and their fans are youthful and loyal. Calloway Circus combines electronic synths, guitars, heavy drums, and vocals to get the big, diverse sound that makes them who they are. They classify themselves as "Alternative Pop," but their music crosses all genres and appeals to all age groups. The energy and versatility of both members makes Calloway Circus a need to watch performance. Frontman Ben McGuiness switches between guitar, bass, keys, and drums, all while engaging the crowd with his infectious spirit and singing/rapping his deeply personal lyrics. Expect to see him all around the stage, and most likely the whole venue. Drummer, Alec Lewis produces driving drum beats with a mixture of acoustic and electronic kits while also running their backing tracks and playing keyboards, trumpet, or bass when needed.

At age 16, frontman Ben McGuiness started Calloway Circus as a solo project. After the completion and release of the self-produced album, Connections, a collection of Ben's personal thoughts that he wanted to reveal to the world, Ben recruited classmate Alec Lewis to play the drums, thus completing the other half of the duo. Over the next year and a half, the two rehearsed, played every show at every venue they could, and quietly worked on their second album. Their most recent album, Teenage Psychopath, tells the story of a teenage boy (Ben) who didn’t feel like he belonged in society based on his upbringing, beliefs, and mental state.

Calloway Circus played their first show in March 2016. Just one year later, they played a sold out show at the same venue. They have had the opportunity to play with many great bands such as Vesperteen, Civil Youth, and Rookie of the Year, to name a few. On January 20, 2017, they released their second album, Teenage Psychopath, and recently they released their first music video for their song, "Warriors".

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A 5 piece High energy Pop Punk / Alternative band hailing from Fenton, Missouri.

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