Eastern Souvenirs

Eastern Souvenirs

Eastern Souvenirs has a lot of layers. Organic and electronic, clean and distorted, familiar and esoteric. Building on loops and samples of world percussion instruments, syncopated beats and lush layers of guitar and synthesizer, Eastern Souvenirs creates sonically immersive songs that thrive on the push and pull of foreign and familiar. Seattle-based songwriter Brian Fisher is joined live by Nicholas Blodgett on drums and Gabe Martinez on synthesizers.

"Electronic music and acoustic instruments have always been able to coexist when merged with capable hands and Seattle producer/songwriter Brian Fisher has struck that balance with his project Eastern Souvenirs" -KEXP BLOG

We are a four piece from Portland, Oregon. Our songs are written on long weekends and through late nights in studios, cabins, backyards, and living rooms.

Peyote Ugly

"With a name like Peyote Ugly, there’s no shortage of imagery that comes to mind. The synth-psych trio lives up to the hype of their moniker. The band has spent the last couple of years in Seattle’s dives and playing a wealth of shows as they fine-tuned the songs that would eventually become the Peyote Ugly EP. The result is a collection of songs that feel like a rare cool breeze waving through the barren desert. Not really “ugly”, but you can feel notes of spacey peyote in the mix." - Dusty Henry, KEXP

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