When it comes to grindcore, few bands these days can top the overwhelming barrage of wrath and aggression unloaded on the listener/spectator by Calgary’s WAKE. In a career spanning a mere seven years, this Canadian unit of aural assassins have brought terror and war to crowds all over the northern hemisphere, destroying venues across Europe and North America on multiple occasions, and establishing them selves as an infamous and unstoppable killing machine when it comes to performing live. In this sense the band’s name seems to perfectly match their nature within the live environment: leave nothing standing - level everything in an endless wake of terror and destruction. But WAKE are far from being only and aural cataclysm restricted to the live environment, quite the opposite, as the band has released a string of albums and splits that speak for them selves, and are just another horrifying statement of the violence and sheer aggression which nests inside the soul of this band.

CT Hardcore


Kidnapped is a three piece band from CT who formed in early 2017. Kidnapped play a style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, grindcore, and powerviolence within their sound. Musically, Kidnapped can be loosely compared to bands such as Fluoride, Iron Lung, Dropdead, Water Torture, and other like-minded bands. Since forming in 2017, Kidnapped have released a self-titled eight song demo in April of 2017, a self-titled fourteen song EP in September of 2017, an eight song cassette titled Crunch in December of 2017, and an eight track EP titled Hungry in April of 2018. Connecticut Powerviolence is the band's latest EP, which was released on January 27th, 2019. On Connecticut Powerviolence, Kidnapped offer up ten tracks of vicious and scathing hardcore, punk, grindcore, and powerviolence.

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