New Dakotas, Jesse Denaro, Sam Gelston

New Dakotas

We've been playing music together for a couple years, and you can check out our original songs on Spotify and Apple Music (stay tuned for more dropping soon!). You could call our music indie-folk-pop, but more than any particular style, we try to make music that makes us happy and gets us excited every time we play it. We hope that you'll sing along, tap your toes, and feel feelings when you hear our songs.

Jesse Denaro

A musician currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA. Lover of basketball, Drake, Taco Bell, and when things fit nicely together.

Sam Gelston

Sam Gelston is a singer-songwriter in the Boston area who is twenty-three years old. Primarily trained on drums, Sam began teaching himself guitar at age fifteen, with an interest to span beyond his own specialization. Seven years later, he accompanies himself entirely on his debut EP "Breathe for You". Sam is currently working on his first LP "Trees in Season" that has been in works for the past two years. He has also released a single and B-side "It's Alright/Dry" to prepare his fans for his new sound. Experimentation and non-perfectionism are key to Sam, as can be heard through his unique voice and rough edge. His concern is to evoke and challenge conventional notions of beauty, sexuality, and social norms while striving for purity and simplicity.



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