Surivial Kit Sundays: Kid Tigrrr, Aaron Koontz, Brian Straw

Kid Tigrrr

dream pop :: twinkle core
KID TIGRRR is the solo project of singer-songwriter and visual artist Jenna Fournier.
Fournier, who also fronts the shoegazey rock band NIIGHTS, describes KID TIGRRR as a more personal outlet for lyrics, story-telling, and sound experimentation, involving electric guitar, a looper, and multiple fx pedals to create layers of guitar textures and melodies. She refers to these as ‘sad little fairy songs,’ citing Grouper, CocoRosie, Sigur Rós, Johanna Newsom, Grimes, Slowdive, MBV, and Múm as a few influences and inspirations. Fournier released her debut solo EP, The Little Dreamer, exclusively in Japan in conjunction with a 2017 tour across the country and has plans to record her new material in winter of 2019, following the release of NIIGHTS' new full-length album.
Fournier is also a painter and visual artist. She has exhibited her work in galleries in Cleveland, Las Vegas, and Nashville, and produced music videos for both KID TIGRRR and NIIGHTS. She is currently working on a stop-motion animation music video and expresses the goal to incorporate art and animated projections onto the stage as part of the live show.

Brian Straw

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