Otro Lado, TV Baby, The Wants

Otro Lado

OTRO LADO is a dance-punk trio from NYC formed by Cody Ross Rex, Alan Sea, and Taylor Christoffel. The group features a minimalistic arrangement of bass guitar, vocals, and drum kit augmented with electronic components and samples.

TV Baby

The Wants

The Wants debut is a meticulous union of downtown New York punk with minimal techno marked by songwriter Madison Velding-VanDam's earnest yet absurdist observations. The group flexes their obsessiveness to earn the tagline "Brooklyn's Most Anxious Dance Party" boasting skeletal components that interlock seamlessly, a guise of their complexity.

In an effort to tear down their sonic comfort zones, The Wants claim this debut went through five distinct stages of revision until they finally felt their music was looking forward while accepting the gifts of the past. The collaborative production between Velding-VanDam and drummer Jason Gates utilized Gates' technical prowess from years as a studio rat to transform and sharpen Velding-VanDam's DIY bedroom-pop approach.

Each member is highly active in the Brooklyn scene: Lydia Gammill is the egoslob "Gustaf"; Jason Gates drums for goth veterans "Veda Rays"; and Madison Velding-VanDam is the guitarist and a composer for BODEGA. Their machine like rhythm section features Gammill's syncopated bass lines locking firmly with Gates' metronomic precision.

A multimedia project at heart, The Wants see their music as a component of a wider artistic universe designed to communicate their perspective. Velding-VanDam's attention to detail extends to the graphic and product design, marketing materials, and the filming and editing of their video content.

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