Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

Through an extensive catalog of collaborations, singles, EPs and 2016’s Secret Boy LP, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal aka Adam Mcilwee has become a celebrated pioneer in a vital new direction of underground music. Wicca Phase's forthcoming LP ­ his most focused effort to date­ will be coming out on Run For Cover Records in early 2019.McIlwee’s innate gift with words can be tracedback to his time in Tigers Jaw, the widelyinfluential band he fronted before walking awayin 2013 to set path on an ambitious newchapter. He would refine Wicca Phase’sunmistakeable sound with each release,blending the incisive wit of songwriters like NickCave with heart­on­sleeve earnestness andfearless experimentation with modern hip hopproduction. Unique combinations of darkelectronics, trap rhythms and alternative musicthat initially caught some listeners off­guard, butas his style developed, his audience grew aswell.
Inadvertently at the forefront of a burgeoningmusical movement, McIlwee co­foundedGothBoiClique: a 10­person collective thatassembled some of the best artists of this newstyle under one banner, and helped shape itsfervent community. Meanwhile, as a solo artist,Wicca Phase demonstrated that despite thegrowing popularity of the sound he helpedforge, he exists in a creative sphere all his own— releasing 2017’s acoustic Raw andDeclawed EP and most recently a collaborativetrack with newfound label mate Georgia Maq ofCamp Cope. His expressive voice is the crux:simultaneously assured and vulnerable. Anintriguing combination of mystery and honestythat welcomes new listeners without evercompromising his passion to evolve.

Hardcore punk band from Baltimore, US.
Members of Trapped Under Ice, Sai Nam, Mindset (5), Praise (6), Diamond Youth and Turnstile (2).


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