Band from Seattle with a unique writing style featuring strong dynamics and a melodic wall of noise.


We are a hard rock band from Burlington, WA who focus on anything and everything Paranormal, supernatural, mystical and spectral!

We formed together as members who left past projects due to creative differences to form a group of awesomeness! We started in Burlington, WA. With what we have learned individually as musicians we bring to the table as a group and intend to plague the world of our newly found monster rock!

Barbarian Wasteland

The band was spawned partly in time-delay as refugees from the Everett Storehouse meth fire of xmas '11 (which found many bands & thier gear destroyed, or on the irreversible track of becoming defunct), & as well as from the very first trash fire of all time that was ever built, before consciousness was realized, and that still burned in the fabled days of old. The band believes itself to be ordained by an ineffable force, after certain somewhat-maybe-possibly-paranormal events, events separated by time but all connected indefinitely, which occurred through out the early practices and recordings. Members of local north end puget sound bands Chemical Castration & Drakul make up the pedigree.

The band describes itself as "Black Anal Porn", after a band member had an idea to make a band that sounded like "depressive black metal with anal cunt and pornogrind thrown in". Then after this idea, the band was originally called Frozen Cunt, but then was unsuccessfully abbreviated to DTI. Though no porno samples have been recorded into the recordings (which makes a band bonafide "pornogrind"), the band is known for putting on VHS porn on a large projector at their house parties while they perform.


Hellport is a new industrial rock/metal band forged in Olympia, WA by frontman Nyxius Crypt. Hellport features an even combination of club drums and synths, as well as distorted guitar and live instruments, for a full, deep sound with a heavy hitting and dance-able beat. Lyrical themes include religious parody including satirical Christian and Satanic themes, as well as various other subjects, with vocals inspired by goth music. We fuse satirical and serious attitudes in an energetic performance. Welcome to Hellport, the first stop in Hell!



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