East Side Gamblers

East Side Gamblers

The East Side Gamblers are a band formed out of perfect timing and all of the right elements falling into place at once. The story begins with the brothers Higbee in the fall of 2011 as their previous group "Caprice" was winding down. With a show still on the books they decided it would be the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start. The first move was to call an old friend, drummer Coby Gullen, over for a jam and a few beers just to see if things clicked. The connection was almost instant and The East Side Gamblers were born!

Over the next several weeks they began working through some song ideas that Tony had laying around and threw in a couple of classic covers for good measure making their debut as a 3 piece in October of 2011 at The Basement in Nashville under the moniker "Chief". As fate would have it, in attendance that night was an old acquaintance of Tony's, guitarist Josh Dutoit, who liked what he saw. At the end of the night over a couple of beers Josh offered up his services thinking that this might be just the project he had been looking to get into. After a couple of weeks of jamming and a solid night of drinking the decision was made, and Josh was in.
Throughout 2012 and 2013, The East Side Gamblers recorded two EPs, the first being a self titled release and the second titled "All In!" Highlight gigs included a slot on the Fall 2013 Kiss Kruise. By the end of 2013, Coby left the band under the best of terms to pursue other endeavors, thus leaving the drum chair empty. A good friend of the band recommended local Nashville drummer Chris Brewer and by early 2014 after three separate jams, Chris was asked to join the band.

2014 has started off strong with the release of "All In!" and live shows around Nashville. If you have a love for all things Rock, and no frills attached, you owe it to yourself to check The East Side Gamblers out!

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