Grumby DJ Set ( 11PM FREE ), Local Woman, Hunt for Hunter, Eddy I, Jordan Barone

Grumby DJ Set ( 11PM FREE )

Local Woman

Hunt for Hunter

Hunt for Hunter is a 4-piece symphonic rock band based in New York City.

Unlike most artists his age, EDDY I's music career goes beyond releasing songs on a Soundcloud page. In addition to his original music, Eddy is also an up and coming battle rapper. His match-ups have been featured on top battle rap leagues, like King of the Dot and iBattle. After traveling and performing in different countries and being featured on different hip-hop websites, he has gathered a solid fan base. His battles and music videos have generated over 100,000 views on Youtube. His growing support can be seen at his shows from his fans, and he was recently voted "Best hip-hop artist on Staten Island", inthe Staten Island Advance. His latest release UploadED is in stores now, with music videos featured on, and singles featured on official Spotify playlists like Fresh Finds.

Late night ferries and metro cards have taken JORDAN BARONE beyond the New York City borders- and to the Red Planet. The C.O.O. of Red Planet Records, and Staten Island, New York native, echoes a fusion of “Billy Joel meets Drake”, encompassing the singer-songwriter narrative, all rooted in Hip-Hop. As well an accomplished audio engineer, his debut release, “Same Thing”, serves as the premiere release for the artist, and the independent label, and has been well received, with over 425k streams across all platforms. The “Same Thing” official music video serves as a dual-genre feature, with a snippet of “Used To” conveying Barone’s wide range as both a R&B and Hip-Hop artist. Both tracks precede his debut EP, expected to release early 2019. The project will deliver listeners to NYC late nights, devoid relationships, lost lovers, early A.M. ferry rides and city life, serenading with fingers latched to the piano and synthesizer-infused production. With the label, and the debut release, Jordan Barone intends to solidify his position as a New York songwriting staple, and Staten Island hometown champion.

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