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Mile Marker Zero

New Haven, CT based Progressive group Mile Marker Zero creates a slightly off-kilter, multi-tiered approach towards modern rock music spending the past decade honing their skill set both as musicians and songwriters. They were the New England Music Award winners for Best Band (CT) and described as "a must listen for fans of commercial progressive music"

Head With Wings

The sudden appearance of Head with Wings within their geographical area, ironically resembles something of a “falling from the sky” phenomenon.

Four gentlemen, born and raised on a diet of anthemic 90’s rock and artistic British gloom, seemingly came out of nowhere in 2012 to very quickly prove themselves as one of the most exciting and forward-thinking alternative music outlets in their region.

It has never been a simple task, marrying emotional weight, sophistication, accessibility, and hunger for innovation in one’s art form—and Head with Wings do not scramble to rise to this challenge—it just happens.

Dark and thoughtful enough to earn the approval of the most self-righteous music fanatics, but universal and heartfelt in a way that renders genre constriction meaningless—Head with Wings could appeal to anyone with a set of ears and an open mind.

Worlds apart from the trends of the moment, and defiantly unique on even a world stage, the quartet brings their engrossing sound to life in a way that is unmissable on their debut EP, Living with the Loss.

The four tracks comprising the short, but poignant work, produced by rising New Haven-area production talent, Frank Sacramone, capture a band, hardly a year into their existence, standing atop their own creative island…and the view is stunning.

"Junro’s new EP Throwing Stones announces their arrival on the alt-rock scene with a bang. Check it out!

Whether you’re a progressive metal head, a pop-punk enthusiast or anything in between, Junro tick all the hard-rock boxes. Throwing Stones is a powerful 6-track release and makes a serious statement about the band’s potential.

It’s this accessibility that make the EP particularly appealing, serving up a familiar but fresh sound that draws you in. Junro’s riotous riffs, rasping vocals and rising crescendos combine to create a signature sound reminiscent of Avenged Sevenfold or Arcane Roots.

The musical technicality is also impressive. Elements of math rock work perfectly alongside each of the six tracks’ alternative overtones. Stop-start guitars stand out against a back-drop of water-tight rhythm. It’s an addictive EP that keeps you on the line throughout, with a heavy-hitting and infectious theme.

Junro deliver a complex sound while remaining accessible in taste and catering to a variety of genres, embracing the elements of progressive rock, 90s alternative and metal. This idea is reflected in the band’s own view on the release.

Speaking about Throwing Stones, Junro frontman Dave Nelson said:
'Each of us in the band have different musical tastes and influences, and we’ve poured those inspirations into Throwing Stones, to create music that will appeal to all kinds of rock subcultures. We’re aiming for the central idea that broad, fun, catchy rock doesn’t have to be the same thing over and over. It can be infused with progressive elements and technical subtly without alienating anyone. It can sound like something new and something familiar at the same time. Throwing Stones offers a little something for everyone.'

With roots in Southern New England, Junro offer a unique take on a nostalgic sound, clearly derived from the wide-ranging musical experiences and backgrounds. Surely one of the most intriguing alt-rock outfits coming out of the US right now.

We’re looking forward to hearing what’s next from this exciting, emerging band." - XuneMag

Junro is a modern rock band with roots in Southern New England. Embracing the elements of progressive rock, metal and 90's alternative, Junro delivers a complex sound while remaining accessible in taste and catering to a broad spectrum of musical genres.

The foundation of Junro's unique, yet melodic tonal disposition is derived from the varying musical experiences and backgrounds of each of the members.

Junro is has just released our debut EP, Throwing Stones. Whether a progressive metal-head, pop-punk enthusiast, hard rock aficionado, or all-around connoisseur of musicianship, Junro can bring the noise!

The Morgana Phase

The Morgana Phase are a progressive rock quintet from Providence, RI. The band self-released their debut LP "I: Godspeed into the Fire" in September 2016; the first in a planned series of concept albums about space, war, politics and supernatural abilities. Since its formation, the band has shared the stage with national acts including A Lot Like Birds, Overcast, Artifex Pereo, Rare Futures, Owel, The Empire Shall Fall, Gavin Castleton and more.


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