The System release follows the heels of Heatbox's critically acclaimed debut album Entertainment and provides further evidence of a promising and long-lived career for this young and extremely talented performer. Although making noises and sounds with his mouth since the age of ten, Heatbox hit the scene with Twin Cities-based funk, rock and blues group Root City Band. The group won several awards (including "Best Blues Band of the Twin Cities" in 2006) and Heatbox picked up a few of his own (1st place at the 2007 "Yo The Music" Minneapolis Beatbox Battle) before the two artists parted ways.

Since then Heatbox has been writing new material, expanding his catalog of choice covers and performing to crowds throughout the country. Asked what it's like to perform and tour as a solo act, Heatbox says "I get to avoid so many of the negative things that happen in bands. Things like fighting, or drug abuse, or money problems and such. I never have to do anything other than exactly what I want to do in my art. I also have very little gear to carry around. On the other hand…there is nothing like the feeling of really rockin' out with your good friends. I miss that sometimes."

Creating beats and building songs from the ground up, this band/producer/turntablist utilizes a voice modulator (sparingly) and a Boss LoopStation RC-50 to generate more sound than some full bands. When it comes to putting words to music, "I get lyrics at the most random times," Heatbox says. "They just kind of float into my head one or two sentences at a time. I write them all down and then try to use them to make a song that makes sense." This man's true passion is to entertain people, and with the rolling out of his second album Heatbox seems determined to embody what it is to be a one-man entertainment system.


As if releasing a brand new, critically acclaimed studio album wasn't enough, Heatbox has paid homage to his Nintendo-charged childhood and created a video game all his own. Included on the System disc – playable on any PC – and available online at www.yoyogames.com, Ninja Strike was created entirely by Heatbox: the graphics, gameplay, music, sound effects…everything. The game plays like a Mega Man-Metroid-Castlevania hybrid with incredibly smooth gameplay and crystal clear graphics, and follows the ninja hero through complex levels to reach and defeat the final boss Balgator. A truly unique and original addition to a great record, NinjaStrike is the icing on the cake for Heatbox's System.

$15.00 - $50.00


Musical performances by Heatbox, A. Wolf & Her Claws Hosted by Jade Tittle of 89.3 The Current Comedic performances by Nate Abshire and Ben San Del I AM MPLS! is an annual variety show celebrating and connecting passionately creative people from Minneapolis. Now in its third year, the multi-facted event integrates comedy, music, fashion, and art to form an entertaining evening based on locally grown creative pride. IAMMPLS! is about celebrating who we are, what we do, and the common bond that ties us to our fair city. IAMMPLS! was conceived by local fashion stylist, Sarah Edwards, a Minneapolis transplant, who, within a few short years of living here, has become an inspiring advocate for the city. She sees Minneapolis as a place brimming with possibility, passion, and artistic energy. After recognizing and embracing the potential within the Minneapolis creative community, Edwards took leaps and risks to make something new happen…and IAMMPLS! was born.

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