Joey Wit and The Definition, Pale Space, Auguste & Alden

Joey Wit and The Definition

As he sings in his song, Throwing Stones, “...I’m a son to the North and a brother to the South”, Joey Wit’s story is just as unique and original as his sound. As a former professional athlete, it would seem Joe dedicated the majority of his life and childhood to the game of baseball. However, music was just as important as athletics in his upbringing. Growing up in a household with parents whose record collection included everything from Chet Atkins, Duane Eddy and Elvis Presley to Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and The Rolling Stones, it’s easy to see how the Connecticut native gravitated towards rock and roll. After spending several years in the American Southeast (Durham, NC) working on his musical craft, Wit returned home to New England in 2015 and started recruitment for his rock and roll outfit, now known as The Definition (Clay Selmont-Guitar, Guido Falivene-Bass, Nate Manware-Drums, Nathanael Oakes-Keys). Drawing on inspiration from countless sources such as the Beatles, Radiohead, Wilco, Doves and Ryan Adams; Joey Wit and The Definition offer an innovative and energetic approach to rock and roll with a little something every music fan can appreciate.

Pale Space

They say great art comes from struggle and adversity. Pale Space was formed through bad luck, coincidence and a little serendipity thrown in for good measure. The story began in Durham, North Carolina. Nate Manware (Singer/Songwriter) had just lost his job, band and girlfriend in the same breath. Disillusioned with his situation and tired of manning the drum throne for countless other bands, he started writing songs and sharpening his frontman skills on the Durham open mic circuit. As word began spreading around the scene and the songs began to fill notebooks, people started encouraging Manware to form a live band. After fruitlessly searching the area for musicians, he cashed in his chips and left the Bull City for his home state of Connecticut.

Upon his arrival, Manware immediately started scouring the scene for band members. His search lead him to high school friends and local heroes Matt Folcik (Guitar) and Tim Dubin (Keyboards/Saxophone). With a sprawling musical vision, nostalgic bond and around three dozen effects pedals, the nucleus of Pale Space was formed. They soon recruited Manware’s former student Julian “Growing Boy" Sherwood (Drums) in addition to Brandon Robertson (Bass).

Pale Space had evolved from a bedroom recording project into a cohesive and powerful live band. With a solid line-up formed, they set about achieving a musical vision that can’t be defined, only described. You could call it indie with a bit of post rock sprinkled in, or you could call it space rock with some shoe gaze on top. It is a sound with pop sensibility yet creative chord progressions and inversions. It is a wash of tasteful effects and lush soundscapes. The song structures are unconventional, but the hooks will stick with you long after listening. The choruses are anthemic and their tight dynamics can bring the music from a whisper to a roar at the drop of a dime.

Most recently, they self-released and pressed their debut EP in august and sold out of the first pressing within a matter of weeks. This fall will see Pale Space playing shows all over Connecticut and beyond, contributing songs to multiple compilation albums, and releasing their first studio video. Stay tuned, these boys are on the move!

Auguste & Alden

Auguste and Alden are a brother and sister duo who passionatly write and perform their own original music. Their sound is extremely unique full of intricate blood harmonies and their creative musical arrangements.

In their full four-piece sibling band, Chasing Cooper, Auguste and Alden have toured nationally performing at venues such as the NAMM show while playing alongside many major artists, in addition to appearing on a syndicated weekly TV series. Their passion to make music is evident by their catalog of over 70 original songs they have written, produced and recorded.

Winners of Infinity Hall big stage competiton 2016

Kingdom Bound CFA Finalist 2012,2011

Featured NAMM artist 2010

Appear weekly on TBN ISHINE KNECT show 2010

Guest artist on 2009, 2010, 2011 Silver Ring Thing National Tour

Guest artist on 2010 ISHINE Tour

Our Stage National Showcase winners 2009

Performed main stage Soulfest, Icthus, Beachfest, First Love Fest

WXGN, WSOU, 89.7 Sound of Life, Reluctant Radio, Night Out Radio


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