Dekada Boxing

Dekada Boxing

Dekada was formed in 2013 after 4 years of preparation into building and maintaining a brand rather than just another fight card. Our formula consists of attention to detail and providing the fans a story to follow while being entertained by an unmatched atmosphere. We manage to stand out because of unique visions and ideas that have proven to work. In fact, other promotions have started following suite which is something we are very happy about for the sake of popularizing boxing again in Canada.

Our goal is to provide the fans and fighters with an unforgettable experience filled with all of the emotions one would experience in Las Vegas.

Dennis Herrmann and Michael Short, are two people from different walks of life. Dennis grew up in the world of professional wrestling, around the legendary Hart family. Michael Short's life has always revolved around boxing including a professional career. He is known for his strong understanding of the mechanics in the sport and has become one of the strongest match makers in the industry. Together they bring a nice balance between the sport and the entertainment surrounding it, which is essential to the success of Dekada, in addition to finding the best equality between the treatment of the fans, personnel and the athletes.

$56.70 - $131.25


Contender - GA Standing - Rush Seats

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