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Elvana: The Worlds Finest Elvis Fronted Tribute to Nirvana

From the bowels of Disgraceland, Rock & Roll icons of the afterlife are raised from the dead! Rock & Roll meets Grunge as Elvis fronts Nirvana and gives the band the front man it’s been missing since ’94. Elvanatear through Nirvana’s catalogue whilst splicing in grunged up sections of the king of rock & rolls finest moments, culminating in a mega mash up of overdrive & old school Rockabilly.It smells like cheeseburgers and teen spirit, daddy-o!

Amish in Chains

The Amish are coming! The Amish are coming!

Layne Staley-era Alice In Chains meets old world traditions and wind-powered Marshall amplifiers! Jacob, Kaleb, Jebediah, and Ezekiel - four brothers of the Old Order who deliver grunge to the masses, honoring Alice In Chains with spot-on, electrifying performances of all the songs you’ll want to hear. Hailed by The Old Amish Gazette as “far as we know, the best Amish Alice in Chains tribute in the country”.



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