Azra, Milo Binx,  Eliza Spear

AZRA is an Asian-American Pop recording artist, singer/songwriter, performer, hip-hop dancer, and model based in Los Angeles, California.
This ex-corporate management consultant, author and motivational speaker turned straight up entertainer is the next big rising pop star to disrupt the music industry. She released her first EP titled Freedom in March 2017. Since then, AZRA toured with The Plain White T's on their
Southern California high school tour, performed at open mics, music venues, various schools, corporate and non-profit events around the country and even shook up the stages at the East Coast Pride Festivals (NYC, Baltimore, Philly, D.C.). Her powerful stage presence, infectious
energy along with her intimate to exciting song and dance performances captivate people wherever she performs leaving them excited, connected and wanting more. She also authored The Cupcake Theory, a self-help relationship book and motivational spoke at numerous conferences. Her latest single "Dimension" and its music video released late last year is catching momentum and is on the ballot for the upcoming 61st Grammy Award nominations.
AZRA, a lover of unconventional wisdom, has a life long goal to inspire people to be their authentic selves and live out their dreams like a boss, unapologetically and boldly. This message is constant though all of her songwriting, backed by pipes! A natural creator, AZRA constantly song writes and always looks forward to introducing her newest and hottest
music at her shows. AZRA will be performing her newest upcoming single “Skyline” at her upcoming show at the Mint LA on January 17, 2019.
She has been featured with TWIST Magazine, All Things Go,
PopWrapped, PopDust, All Access, The WiMN, Celeb Secrets, Singers Room, GirlHQ, Rawfemme, Womens Republic, Fox Philly to name a few.

What do three childhood friends from Hollywood and a girl from Kansas City have in common? Love of music, talent, humor and Milo Binx. No one could have guessed that years later, collectively, they would have would have been responsible for touring, writing, producing and contributing to selling millions of records for some of the biggest names in the music industry. Some people say that the music world needs a new voice, a bright shining light to look into, “real” music, with real instruments… Milo Binx is the piece to a puzzle that has been called the music business…
Mayme Marshall, like so many, decided to come to Los Angeles to embark on a career in music. Unlike so many, she was born singing like an R&B Angel… Reincarnation is something that has been speculated for centuries… Listening to her voice may quiet the debate. Mayme arrived in Los Angeles in April of 2015 – Serendipity was on her side – She met Ty Stevens (Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist), after listening to her sing Ty new that he’d found the singer that he and his childhood friends had been looking for. Monte McConnell, Rob Richman and Ty Stevens had started on a new project – Wanting to get back to their groove oriented roots and their love for all things Funk, Soul and R&B. So it begins…

Eliza Spear is new to the scene, but a seasoned musician, she has spent the past few years relentlessly fine tuning her writing and her classic rock-pop-twangy sound. Her music speaks truths about coming of age, young love, and discovering who you are. Her lyrics are authentic, relatable, and delivered in a way that forces you to feel the emotion she felt when she created the song. She is singing her story, but it’s a story that everyone can connect to. Her energetic performances seem more like a hangout with the audience. Whether it’s a sad song or a joyful one, you can’t help but feel immersed in the story. The audience isn’t just listening, they are a part of the experience in every way, and that’s how she likes it. She’s a down to earth, powerhouse of a musician, with the potential to inspire people around the world to dream big.

$10 ($15 under 21)


  • Eliza Spear - 8:15
  • Milo Binx - 9:00
  • Azra - 10:00

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