Johnny Butler & The Epic Fail + Woolly Mammals

Johnny Butler & The Epic Fail

Johnny Butler is an American saxophonist, composer, and technologist who thinks in terms of the cosmic sphere rather than just musical feeling of the terrestrial. His leanings are in terms of not just earthbound music you might expect to hear traveling around the globe in the traditional sense but rather what impulsive music might go on in our heads and what it might sounds like if music could be heard from the stars and the celestial environment. We hear a wide panorama of sounds, colors, and movement in Johnny Butler’s music – some mystically dark and introspective, some wildly slashing and throbbingly incandescent and others floating evanescent and ethereal. Johnny Butler’s music is a bridge between past and present, with a creative legacy that spans decades, equally influenced by the Seattle grunge rock he grew up with as Miles Davis, boom-bap hip-hop, and John Coltrane. With his band Johnny Butler & The Epic Fail, he has developed a reputation for performances frequently incorporating dance, makeup, costumes, and even clowns into his live shows.

Woolly Mammals

Woolly Mammals is a gang of space cats from Brooklyn, NY. Specializing in their own brand of space jazz, they've established themselves as a standout on the New York scene.



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