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Christina LaRocca

Soulful singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Her story is one of independence, strength and artistry. Her songs are the road. The road is her home.

Dan & Drum are two squinty, straw-chewing boys from the shrubby suburbs of Los Angeles. They met in preschool, and, somehow immediately, forged a bond of stable and productive partnership. They learned to communicate, and later became half-formed, fundamentally decent kids, using music to pass the time and process life in an honest way. Then, Dan moved away, forcing them to send unfinished tracks back and forth, as if working on the same love letter. They released their debut, Growl Pop, in Feb. 2017, and thanks to some fans on youtube, earned a million plays on Spotify within the first 6 months. As an unsigned band, they were nonetheless praised by outlets like LA Record and Wild Honey Pie for their gummy, sticky bass lines underpinning an elastic vocal, alternately agile and throaty rich. Best exemplified by songs like Lester, their music is jangling acoustics over an 808 thump, where there are inside jokes told in outside voices. They do it to amuse themselves. They also enjoy basketball, the act of smoking, and how to catch a predator.

Jake Scott


Taylor Anne Crawford

Strong yet soft. Refined yet imperfect. Taylor Crawford embraces the fragility of what it means to be human with her raw vulnerability and humble stage presence that allows you to be caught off guard with her quirky humor and old soul wit. With songs drenched in spiritual depth and universal truths, her sophomore EP Heal is the exhibition of an uncharted creative process that was necessary for an inner healing and deep diving expedition during the demolition of life as Taylor knew it. Her boundless approach required a tender-hearted self in reliance on carefully cultivated relationships that she could entrust to help her metamorphize loss, personal insecurity, and hopelessness into acceptance, growth, and empowerment.

With hand-selected musicians for their heart, passion, and willingness to face the unknown with her, she created Heal at Hybrid Studios with a possibility that she may never share it. Heal was pure selfishness in the creation and then released in divine timing to act as a closure ceremony and celebration for new life and creative transformation in May 2018. In support of Heal, Crawford released her Nashville-esque single “Walk Straight” with a cinematic music video that won the Best Music Video award at the Cypress College Film Festival. In collaboration with the local director, Ren D'Anelli, the video is a perfect portrayal of Long Beach's classic gems and Taylor's authentic truth.

Crawford’s journey as an independent artist began in 2011 when she answered a call of the soul to move to Long Beach, California in pursuit of life experience to fuel her songwriting. She found herself living in a house full of strangers that she met on Craigslist with just enough money to start over at the delicate age of 18. By 2014, she arranged a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund her debut record, "California" with multiple Grammy nominated producer Mack Damon back home in San Antonio, TX. The EP presented 5 songs adorned in the trials and tribulations of a young woman away from home, leaving an old life behind while simultaneously creating a new one liberated from the lessons learned. Her song “White Roses” since the release has made way into the credits of an Independent Film starring John Cusack, the thriller “Blood Money” currently on Netflix.

With Long Beach as Crawford’s adopted hometown, she's played local festivals, embarked on house concert tours, and graced the number one venue for up and coming songwriters, The Hotel Cafe. Find comfort in shared experiences of loss or get lost in her melancholy vocals and somber tone. Taylor’s distinctive flexibility from highs to lows label her a siren, supported by poetic and punchy lyrics that intimately engage you with your own personal life experiences. Taylor is a woman who braves the wilderness of her own emotions and serves you with the alchemy of exploring her inner space. She charts the complex places you can’t always navigate on your own, and she comes back with a map of your heart. Read it. Learn it. Memorize it. Use it.



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