Grumby DJ Set, 100 Year Party Court, Kleenex Girl Wonder, Nina Marie & The Bad Choices, Mind is the Maker, Dave Flagman

Grumby DJ Set

100 Year Party Court

100 Year Party Court started on Xmas Day 2017, when Francis Maria gifted Tammy with a Moog. Tammy immediately channeled her longtime love of Stereolab and Broadcast...Francis Maria plugged in his beloved Gibson Firebird...and the pair started crafting original music that day.

Kleenex Girl Wonder

Kleenex Girl Wonder (or Kleenexgirlwonder or Kleen Ex-Girl Wonder in Japan) is an indie rock band from Chicago, and now based in New York City. The band mainly consists of Graham Smith, with a revolving line-up backing him on tours. His past backing band consisted of neighborhood friends from his hometown of Downers Grove, Illinois. This lineup consisted of Adam Blake (guitar), Rafeeq Hasan (bass), Quinn Goodwillie (guitar), Christian Goodwillie (bass) and Jeff Giba (drums).

Kleenex Girl Wonder temporarily disbanded in 2003, but a new album entitled "Mrs. Equitone" was released on June 9, 2009.

Nina Marie & The Bad Choices

Sad songs that will make you happy.

Nina Scarcia - vocals, guitar, song writer
Thom Bissey - bass
Aaron Pridmore - keys, accordion
Todd Drazien - drums

Mind is the Maker

Andy Milk (singer/multi-instrumentalist, THE VITAL MIGHT/Put Together) and Jeff Stineback (drums, keys, Harriet Street/New Blood) make up this duo combining 80s indie rock and pop with current day beats and techniques. Inspired by Talking Heads, Childish Gambino, Bon Iver, 90s slow jams.

Dave Flagman

Dave Flagman is an electronic music artist based in NYC.


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