Yuletide Bonanza 2

Edmonton-based punk since 1991.

Reifer Madness

Reifer Madness is a Edmonton-based Punk band.

Tooth and Nail

Apollo Spitfire

Pushing new limits with their unique style of thrashy, rock and roll. This band is full of talent containing members from the east coast of Canada to the west. Just a group of guys having fun on stage, making loud ass rock music to keep you moving!

Posi-core from Edmonton, Alberta.

Ravage Red

We are Ravage Red. A 5 piece Metal band from Edmonton AB . Blending the elements of Thrash, Hardcore and groove.

Bad Action Hero

Broken Yolks


After playing several instruments in several projects over the years I have stumbled upon a sound that I am proud to call Mandaku. At its core Mandaku isn't far from what I have always done, only this time the sound is lead by an Irish Bouzouki or Mandolin. Such instruments instantly give the music a sort of compelling brightness to what might have been something more aggressive. At first listen you might say it’s some sort of Alternative Folk music. And you might be right. But let it be known that Mandaku is not born of folk. Its influences would more likely include genres of the Chiptune, Progrock, MTV unplugged variety. The stripped down version, called Mandaku Instrumentals, features only a mandolin and acoustic guitar and lends itself quite nicely to more formal affairs and wedding ceremonies. The full band experience however is so versatile that it is able to play harmoniously alongside musical outfits of countless backgrounds and styles. Either way I believe it safe to say that both Mandaku’s music and its performances are inspired and finally ready to be heard.

- Daniel John Jaycock

Screaming Radio

Breaking The Silent

Breaking The Silent is a 4 piece hurricane of Thrash and Power metal hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. These passionate thrashers thrive on bringing back the good old school thrash : Fast beats, melodic shredding and creative power vocals!

The Rubber Bullys


System To Chaos

Balls to the wall thrashy skate punk from Edmonton. Pair with a fine merlot, chugged through a beer bong, and chased with an oversized "funny" cigarette.


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