Lydia Luce

Lydia Luce was born into a musical family, her mother, a gifted organ and piano player, and her brother, a cellist. Luce’s first instrument was viola, and by age 13 she was performing in her mother’s orchestra. Her debut full-length album Azalea, produced by Jordan Lehning and Skylar Wilson, combines her classical training with Americana and folk influences for a collection that feels authentic and comfortable in a way that only lifelong talent can create. Popmatters writes of the debut release that the tunes are, “carefully composed without the sort of pomp that we may have come to expect from classically-trained performers from musical families. Luce forgoes the usual pageantry for something organic and unique that comes from the heart."
With this compilation of songs born from a collaboration in Nashville, TN, Luce was able to combine what she knew about instrumentation with the fruits of new self-discoveries. Luce says, “Playing strings has been a huge part of my life. On this album, I got to record viola and guitar on my tunes with people that I truly admire. I’m very proud of what we’ve created."

Elle Sera

Elle Sera is a CT born & raised artist having lived in NYC, returning back to CT and now constantly on the move. She’s performed on Broadway, in film, tv and radio since she was a young child and now channels her observations and experiences of love, the spirit, relationships and the world around her on her debut EP. She’s got a quietly confident rock edge that reads dynamically as soulful, sometimes sweet, sometimes fiery. And you feel every bit of that in her performances. Elle Sera draws on her influences of rock, rhythm and blues, pop, americana and folk creating a vibe and sound unique to her. Her voice is described as sultry, full and powerful with just enough softness around the edges at all the right moments.

Elle Sera paired up with NYC producer Andrew Hollander to create live tracks with the band recording all in one room. “It creates that magic that happens on stage when you put everyone all together like this and just go for it. And we were able to capture something raw and intense in doing so as well. We had no rehearsals. Just went in and nailed it. Just one day and we had everything we needed” says Elle. With players Tony Scherr on guitar, John Conte on bass and Tony Mason on drums the vibe was effortless and full of surprises.

You can check out Elle Sera playing intimate rooms around the country and performing frequently in CT.

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