Lords Of Acid

Lords Of Acid

Belgian-American post-industrial/techno band founded in Antwerp in 1988. Lords Of Acid worked with various additional writers and musicians throughout the years.
Maurice Engelen, Nikkie Van Lierop and Oliver Adams were the main artists, with Rembert De Smet, Ferre Baelen, Ludo Camberlin, Jos Borremans, Harry Van Oekel, Luc Van Acker and Wim Daans among the contributors.

When Nikkie left the group, she was replaced by vocalist Ruth McArdle.
Later Deborah Ostrega took over vocal duties.

During summer 2010, the Lords Of Acid are back for an US Sextreme Ball tour with a new lineup : Maurice Engelen, Lacey Conner, Sin Quirin, Murv Douglas and Kirk Salvador.

In 2011, Mea Fisher becomes the new lead singer.

In 2018, Marieke Bresseleers became the new frontwoman.

ORGY emerged in the Goth music scene in 1998 with their incredible remake of ‘Blue Monday’. The track sold over 1 million copies and is still selling 20 years later. Orgy has built a worldwide audience for the brand. In late 2005, after the release of the D1 Music and Associates Punk Statik Paranoia PSP and their D1 Music /DLC Records Independent “TRANS GLOBAL SPECTACLE” DVD promotional tour the band went on a hiatus to work on their side projects. In 2011, after seven years of demand from fans for new music and a tour, founding member Jay Gordon (vocals) decided it was time to kick things back up and begin recording and touring again in support of ORGY’s fans.
Born in San Francisco, CA, Jay Gordon was heavily influenced by music from a young age. After playing bass for several years and working as a producer and engineer on several albums (including Coal Chamber’s self-titled album and others), Jay was introduced to four other musicians who, with him, would eventually form ORGY. After establishing themselves in the scene, the band was noticed by Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis and signed to Elementree/Reprise records. The band went on a 7 year hiatus while some of the original members worked on side projects and Jay went on producing and working in the studio with multiple artists. After many unsuccessful attempts to reconnect with each other they decided to go their separate ways.
After deciding to reform the band due to the demands of rabid ORGY fans, Jay found himself with the task of finding new members due to past members being busy with other projects.
First, Jay selected his long-time friend and colleague originally from North Carolina, guitarist Carlton Bost to join the ranks of ORGY. Carlton is known for his previous synth guitar work in art-rock band Deadsy, as well as for being the current guitar player for classic synth band Berlin. Other bands Carlton has been a member of, or played for, include The Dreaming, Stabbing Westward, Lunarclick, 16 Volt, Tim Skold, and his own solo project Shades of Scar. Additionally, he works as a producer, writer, and re-mixer for various other artists.
ORGY Bassist, studio musician and live session performer Nic Speck came to Los Angeles via upstate New York and Miami, FL. Nic has played with a number of Los Angeles artists including George Lynch, Run and Tranzk.
With the addition of Nic, the new ORGY core was founded and ready to add a second guitar player and drummer. The core worked with a couple great guitar players and amazing drummers over the past 6 years, which brings us to the Bring Your Army Tour 2018.
Multi-talented guitarist, singer, producer, actor and stand-up comedian and long-time friend of Jay’s has agreed to tour and work with ORGY. Ilia Yordanov (pronounced ileeah) was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He grew up in San Diego, CA and Seattle, WA. Ilia began playing shows at age 13 with numerous bands until assembling his own band, 'Red Museum', in 2006. Red Museum released 4 EPs. Ilia moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and has been living and performing there for the past 10 years so he could focus his acting career, Ilia has predominantly remained a solo artist musically. He produces and engineers his work. Additionally, he directed the video for his single, 'Fire in the Middle', released in 2016. Ilia has also supervised and composed music for film. In addition to music, Ilia regularly performs stand-up at The Comedy Store, and has self-published a book titled, 'Dirty Mirror Talk'.
We are very proud of Bobby Amaro he opened his drum school KIDZ ROCK in La Habra, CA. and he and his wife Amber had their second son, so he needs to focus on building this great new drum school for kidz to learn how to rock.
Our newest member is an awesome musician with a myriad of studio skills including production, and engineering and he is a great live DJ and solid Drummer Ryan Browne. Ryan is an American electronic music producer, musician and DJ.
Hailing from Los Angeles' South Bay, Ryan grew up playing drums in rock and metal bands and took his playing to the professional level at 15 by playing for Jive records’ pop duo, Axiz. In 2012 Ryan attended Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) and studied drum set, Afro Caribbean hand percussion, music production and engineering and the music business. Upon his early graduation, he accepted an instructor's position at the prestigious Icon Collective music production school back in Los Angeles.
Since diving into electronic music production, Ryan has released through Geffen Records, Borgore's imprint, Buygore Records, Tommie Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire, Pantheon, and more. He has worked alongside artists such as 2018 Grammy Award Winner Latroit, Sullivan King, Whyel, Warden, and Trentino, amongst others. He has also mixed/ mastered music for 2ToneDisco, works closely with Dennis White at White House Music doing sound design and writing for sync libraries, and plays drums for genre-bending hybrid Monstercat/ Mau5trap artist Grabbitz… Ryan's diverse musical palette has earned him consistent support from major electronic publications like NestHQ, Dancing Astronaut, and Your EDM, which puts him in a unique and influential position, ready for an explosive and exciting future.
With these new members joining and combining their respective resumes to build a new and improved band, ORGY was transformed and set to reinvent themselves in the marketplace.
2018 ORGY has been working on music. This first single release from ORGY in 2018 is titled: “Army to Your Party” Mixed by Jay Baumgardner of NRG Recording Studios, Mastered by Howie Weinberg and is a musical collaboration written by Carlton Bost, Bobby Amaro, Nic Speck Creighton Emrick, Keaton Prescott (Sullivan King), Cody Scott Richardson (Crichy Crich) and Jay Gordon. Carlton has been writing some great new stuff and the guys chose this as the first single.

Super Single EP Description and Purpose
This is a super single EP and it has 3 full volume mastered mixes Radio, Instrumental and A Cappella and 3 dynamic mastered mixes Radio, Instrumental and A Cappella for streaming. The Full volume mixes are best for singers and karaoke singers to practice their singing chops and the Dymanic Deflated mixes are for streaming, blogs, DJ's and remix engineers so they will be able to use the A cappella and Instrumental mixes in their live setlist and remixes.
The guys are still working on the #newmusic album trying to deliver a strong representation of the bands roots. With the new members contribution to the band’s sound the possibilities are endless. The new sound for ORGY with the recent line-up changes will have more layers to the vocals and the sound will have great lyrics, melodies, and amazing guitars by Carlton and Ilia.
Make no mistake about it, the ORGY brand is not going away anytime soon. As long as the fans demand new music and tours, the band is ready, willing and able to fill their request.


Renowned for their status as agents provocateur of the underground hard rock and industrial metal scenes, the latex defining and pop-culture defying Genitorturers to return with the Nov. 3, 2009 release of Blackheart Revolution [G-Force/MVD Entertainment].

The outfit’s fifth studio release, Blackheart Revolution is a mesmerizing blend of infectious riffs and riotous overtures that lay the sexually-charged foundation for frontwoman Gen, the master of turbo-charged ceremonies and erotic rituals. The Genitorturers live spectacle returns to the road fall 2009 with dates in the U.S and 2010 will include stops in Australia, Europe, UK and South America!

“We wanted to make a big rock record that translates the same excitement I felt when I heard AC/DC’s Highway to Hell for the first time, combined with the dark intrigue of Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare,” says Gen of the new release. “We wanted something that shakes the walls, grabs you by the balls, and scares you a bit in the process!”

Mission accomplished, as Blackheart Revolution combines the band’s signature, genre-bending style of aggressive rock, seductive metal and underground electric pop. Co-Produced by David “Evil D” Vincent [Morbid Angel] and Scott Humphrey [Motley Crue, Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osbourne], the album is a roller coaster ride of musical twists, sonic turns and reckless abandon.

A product of Orlando, Florida’s musical underbelly, what Genitorturers lack in the wholesome family fun, they make up for in their celebration of the unspeakable, embracing and exploring our conservative culture’s taboos. They caught the ear (and eye) of legendary music industry magnate Miles Copeland, who signed the band to their first deal on his I.R.S. label, where they joined the ranks of fellow Copeland signings Gary Numan, The Go-Gos and R.E.M.

The lead single from Blackheart Revolution, “Cum Junkie,” is currently available via digital release, as well as in limited-edition, 7-inch vinyl. The collectable physical release will be the first in a series of vinyl singles to be released from the album, each complete with expansive packaging and uncensored artistic detail.
From their beginnings as upstart mavericks to their current status as veteran iconoclasts, the only boundaries the Genitorturers know are the boundaries that they shatter.

Gabriel And The Apocalypse

Hailing from the colorful and music-inspired streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota, comes the unique blend of Metal/Rock/Goth/Industrial that is Gabriel and the Apocalypse. The band delivers a fierce yet beautiful array of female-fronted aggression that will give its predecessors a run for their money.
In regards to the new album, vocalist Lindy Gabriel says, “The Ghost Parade is a concept record that brings you on a music roller coaster ride. From in your face songs, like ‘March of the Dolls,’ to stripped down emotional songs, like ‘Behind the Sun,’ this record still maintains a taste of the usual GATA anthems on politics and world issues, but, as a whole, it is more personal. I feel as a writer and lyricist it is more abstract and poetic. I feel more exposed and vulnerable. It’s honest. It flows and twists through different waves and moods from beginning to end.”

$22.50 Advance / $30.00 Day of Show


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