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Johnny Gemini Lombardi

John Lombardi was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. There, he obtained a quick and clean sense of humor and wit was soon developed. He started performing at the early age of eleven, and was soon noticeably capable of bringing a crowd to tears of laughter. Prompted by both his peers and professionals, he began a career of such, in comedy. John’s ambitions led him on a successful climb to the top where he began to study dance and choreography to enhance his ebullient comedic talent.

Gemini combines stage illusion, dance, comedy, romance, audience participation, ventriloquism, and great fun into one astonishing show. This work is a true passion of John’s. Extremly personable, and always willing to go the extra mile, you will undoubtedly find him performing equally as well off stage as on. Close up table magic and at hand performances with and for children are just a few more phenomenal talents to add to his full repertoire.

Gemini is a featured entertainer alone or with a crew of very talented assistants to enhance his performances. Your consideration is truly appreciated. We look forward to your inquires.

Gemini ProductionsThere was a time, not so long ago, when only friends and by passers walking down a New York street saw bright promise combined with energetic talent when entertainer Gemini strutted his stuff. Now, several Vegas, Palladium, Atlantic City and hundreds of Comedy Clubs later, his magic and ambiance are changing things. Whether he is appearing in Vegas or at a local Comedy Club, people across the country look forward to seeing this “Maestro of Magic & Laughter”, bringing their friends to sharing in the fun. Everything about Gemini and his show is a cut above fantasy. His magic, his jokes, the way he reads the audience easier than a front page headline. Because of his unique style of showmanship he not only keeps the show in motion with his jokes, he has several magic sets as well. Gemini is also an accomplished ventriloquist, with several “friends” that keep the audience in the palm of his hand. Born in Brooklyn, New York, his streetwise sense of humor and wit came in handy throughout his life “in the neighborhood.” As he says, “I do a little bit of comedy and a little bit of magic. What you laugh at, that’s the comedy. What you don’t, well, that’s the magic.”

THE FAMILY SHOWSGemini has been voted number one family entertainer for two years in a row. He has a total g rated show that amazes both children and adult at the same time.
The look alone on a childs face watching real magic performed in the style only gemini can present, is breath taking if any thing else this show combines magic, comedy, ventriloquism audience participation in such a fun loving way you remember it for years to come. A resume that includes; police, fire depts, department stores country clubs, private homes and all done in that fashion only gemini can present… Watch and learn.



GEMINI: Hilarious. Unique. Mystifying.

This one man wonder will blow your mind. Gemini is a top of the line headliner comedian and one of the best magicians in the tristate area! He combines comedy, magic, audience participation, ventriloquism, and great fun into one astonishing and hilarious show!


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