Slow Flowers Dinner on the Farm

Slow Flowers Dinner on the Farm


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Arriving guests are invited to mingle and enjoy a local beverage and appetizers. There will be an introductory talk and you will be guided on a tour of the host farm. While you're getting to know the host farmer, our featured chef will be preparing a feast onsite with ingredients grown in the very fields you are touring. We will end back at the communal dinner table where you will spend the rest of the afternoon sharing a delicious meal and listening to live music. 

In an afternoon, you'll come together with like-minded people to learn how your food and flowers are grown and get to meet the farmers who grow them. You'll also get to meet local chefs and witness their respect for the ingredients that make their creations so special. This dinner is produced in collaboration with the Slow Flowers Summit, July 1-2, taking place in St. Paul, Minnesota. Visit for details and ticket information. 



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