Cretin Hop 7 Year Anniversary w/ Terry & Louie (Exploding Hearts Set & Record Release Party)

Go anywhere in Los Angeles, meet someone, a waiter, salesman, shop clerk, a nurse and ask them what they do: "I'm a DJ!". In these days of blurred lines and fake news, fake reality and literally hundreds of fake DJs, very few can actually claim to tower above the rest. Everyone might be a DJ but how many clubs have a line literally down the block EVERY time? Almost none. Not only does Cretin Hop have a line down the block to pay to get in, they have secret emailed passwords to get in front of the line and get in free and other cool, fun surprises (Limited Edition T-shirts, weird buttons that glow in the dark, etc). They keep it fun, fast and furious. The throngs of "never were" DJs sit and wonder why no one is at their club night. It has everything to do with style and authenticity. Started by Roger Mars five years ago, Cretin Hop (now with friend/scene DJ Rick Barzell), who were kids going out every night searching for "that thing". That thing is very difficult to come by and the few that understand what it is are the ones that succeed. After both of these guys tried out different clubs and combinations, encountering each other along the way, they got together to do Cretin Hop (and also Green Slime, which oddly enough has lines up the block of people wanting to get in as well). They wanted a place that THEY would want to go to and they had to make that place themselves. And of course it is now a staple of LA rock n' roll nightlife. The place to be. There is a scene hidden in plain sight all over the world that has been going on for a long time. Since rock n' roll began. The seekers, the ones that keep real rock n' roll alive. they appear every few years to appreciate the ones that came before them and become part of the unspoken lore of passing the flame of rock n' roll down through the ages. This will exist forever. See it in person for real for yourself NOW at Cretin Hop. - Howie Pyro (D-Generation & Intoxica Radio)

Terry & Louie

Formed from the ashes of one the most tragic and beloved Punk bands in recent memory, The Exploding Hearts, they are “Terry & Louie” AKA Terry Six (The Exploding Hearts/The Nice Boys) and King Louie Bankston (The Persuaders/ Bad Times) And they are back! And with a brand new full length album entitled “... A Thousand Guitars” Terry & Louie are THE premier songwriting partnership duo. Much like Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds (Rockpile), Chin and Chapman, and Boyce and Hart before them. They combine the heart and soul from their predecessors with catchy upbeat blasts “Itʼs All Mine” and the title track, “...A Thousand Guitars” Also solid jukebox powerhouse hits like “Pink Razor Blade” and “Rebel Ways” and bring it inot the now with grit and rawness blitzing to the forefront. “... A Thousand Guitars” is awaiting Itʼs domestic release slated for January
2019 through Sixʼs own Tuff Break Records and European release courtesy of Bachelor Records out now. Picking right back up where they left off with huge, sonic signature guitar sounds
and soulful vocal performances,. “Includes tried and true bone crushers like, (Iʼm) Looking For A Heart” - Record Turnover. “A Thousand Guitars” is clearly a heavy contender for any record collection.
“The story of Terry & Louie stems from loss and heartbreak, but they are determined to finish the job they
started all those years ago in a much sleepier Portland, Oregon and that is to write, record, and produce the most high quaility songs that can stand the test of time. To quote one of our greatest singer/songwriters, “I hear that cassette music, I want a thousand guitars.” - Nick Lowe

$12.00 - $15.00


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