Mat Kerekes

For Mat Kerekes, if a song takes too long, it usually ends up being scrapped. “If it doesn’t flow easy from the get go, then I don’t think it should be used,” he explains. Kerekes wrote his latest solo effort, Luna & The Wild Blue Everything, in his hometown of Lambertville, Michigan over the course of seven months, mostly in a house that his brother Chris was renovating with plans to sell. “I had my stuff set up and was recording [demos] in one of the rooms. When people would come to see the house, I’d just put it away.”

Kerekes calls Luna & The Wild Blue Everything a “coming of age” record, having a hectic schedule the last four years by the writing, recording, and touring schedules of his band Citizen. “People, things, and feelings change as you get older,” he says. “[This record is] kind of like a children’s storybook – it shows where I was and where I am now.” Kerekes credits Third Eye Blind as having a big influence on his writing, which he says often stems from nothing more than a vocal melody. “I usually think of a vocal melody in my head, then grab a guitar and write something in the key range and demo it out.” Recorded over a period of almost two weeks with Will Yip (Citizen, Title Fight, Pity Sex) at Studio 4, Kerekes played everything on the album with the exception of some percussion that was performed by Yip and violin.

As for the future, Kerekes is very go-with-the-flow. “Whatever happens, happens. Taking opportunities as they come. As of late, I’m always writing. Whenever it comes to me,” he says.

kelc writes the songs and asks for help from her friends. then they play you the songs. then we all hug and dance. then we build this life long bond where we can all just be friends and a progressive, mutually supportive team in the seemingly endless race to establish the kindness we know as genuine humanity.

So, you in?

Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Jacob Sigman combines influences of Motown, Soul, and Contemporary Pop music to create something both new and familiar.




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