Haiku Hands

When Alexandra Niedzialkowski (vocals, guitar), Lance Umble (guitars, keyboards), and Leah Julius (bass), decided to release their debut album, the idea of chasing after labels wasn't an avenue they had much faith or interest in. They turned instead to the close-knit community of friends and fellow artists around them, launching a kickstarter campaign to raise a small amount of money to record, mix and master a self-release.

"You know that feeling when you find a song that's so moving, it actually gives you shivers? That's sort of what happened when I first heard 'Do You Remember,' the new single from Seattle three-piece Cumulus." – Nylon

With the record complete, and just a day away from putting in an order for their first 1000 CDs, Chris Walla approached the band about releasing the album through his own Trans- Records. It was only by chance that through the same community of artist and friends they relied upon, that their finished debut made it to the ears of the Death Cab For Cutie guitarist/producer. The attention and interest from an accomplished musician they all looked up to was a huge confidence boost for the band.



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