RYLY is a Nashville based multi-talented musician and songwriter creating authentic music in the hopes of challenging and inspiring his audience on a more personal level. Released in December of 2016, RYLY's first self titled EP "RYLY" reached #25 on the Singer-Songwriter charts on iTunes and sold in all 50 States nation wide and over 15 countries internationally. Recorded and produced out of Nashville, TN, he debuted new singles "DNA" and "Vulnerable" in 2017 with "DNA" placing in the top five for SonicBids' "Best Song of the Month" in December around LA, California. RYLY's 2nd album "The Infinite" held top 20 on iTunes within 24 hours of release and stayed on the charts for 2 weeks. The album is a history of introspection and self examination. Every song on the new record is one that has been cultivated from the perception in how RYLY and others close to him see the world. RYLY enjoys and is skilled at writing through other people’s perspectives, so there are songs throughout the record written from the view of various people in his life. For him, this is a challenging and creative tool to use when trying to make a song feel more real. This record comes out of a season in his life filled with introspective self discovery, facing the tension of what is TRUE and what is TRUEST about how he views the world around him.

Based out of Atlanta, by way of Cincinnati, Tyler is a singer-songwriter who brings a fresh and purposeful approach to pop music. Beginning his career by playing shows throughout Chattanooga, while in college, Tyler continued his career in the Cincinnati music scene and has played on bills with countless artists at numerous venues throughout Cincinnati. After moving to Atlanta, Tyler has begun paying his dues in the Atlanta music scene through open mics such as Eddie Owens Presents Songwriter Showcase and the Tin Roof Acoustic Showdown as well as playing venues such as Smiths Olde Bar. In June of this year, Tyler released an EP titled Revelry which tells stories of triumph but also heartbreak, choices, dreams and decisions.

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