Grumby DJ Set ( 11PM FREE ), Grandchildren, Jenna Kyle, 8 Graves, latewaves, Sheila Carlito

Grumby DJ Set ( 11PM FREE )


"Music is like a family tree - comprising the history of different genres, showing the trails that have been trodden and what bridges remain to be crossed." -Performer Magazine

A new strand of ethereal R&B blended with indie electronica out of Brooklyn, NY.

PATHS - Out Now

The roller coaster of human emotion twisting and turning within us all rages through deep, dark valleys and over soaring, triumphant loops. While we are all present for our own ride, it's rare to take a seat on someone else's. This is the experience inherent in each song 8 Graves produces.

latewaves is a rock band from Asbury Park, NJ consisting of Mikey Pellegrino (vocals, guitar) Howie Cohen (bass, vocals) and Shawna Grabowski (drums). Formed in the fall of 2016 by Pellegrino and Grabowski.

Broken Bird Singles Collection (digitally) available everywhere!

Sheila’s world is controlled chaos at all times; I’m just kind of going with it all. Just love, growth, drive and desire. I hope you all enjoy.

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