APB were one of the greatest "singles" band's of the 1980s. The reason why they are not heralded by music critics all over the world is because they were truly independent and in the original spirit of D.I.Y. - their Scottish singles were poorly distributed. With no real promotion or marketing, their international cult fan base was truly word of mouth. Even when the original "Something to Believe In" album (a less extensive version of CD 1) was released in America, it was on a small label called Link Records run by Mark Beaven and Andy Kipnes of AAM (they remain two of the most important producer managers of the world today).
I discovered the APB single "Chain Reaction" (one the band has never been fond of) at one of the great original independent record stores, Vintage Vinyl in Irvington N.J. Store owner Rob Roth would get all the new imports in twice a week. I did a radio show at WRSU FM (the Rutgers University station in New Brunswick, N.J.) and had built up a big cult following in the Rutgers/Princeton area. Every week I would play the new tracks that moved me. I also DJ'ed at the coolest new music bar in Central N.J. called the Melody.
When I bought the second APB single "Shoot You Down" I was blown away by the pure energy and sparse funk groove that drove the record. It became a favourite at the club and a big request record at the station.
At the same time WLIR, one of the few original commercial alternative radio stations, was playing the hell out of the single. People could not wait to see the trio from Aberdeen, Scotland live. So in a short time APB made their way to the States and these early shows were incredibly intense and visceral. Great singles followed - never disappointing "Palace Filled with Love," "Rainy Day," "One Day," and the classic underground dance smash "What kind of Girl?"
I was somehow able to contact the band in the early 80s, and they came to WRSU to do an interview at the college station. We ended up hanging out all night, getting drunk, playing pool and talking music for hours.
Over the course of the next few years, I saw the band live about 15 times. They would always pack clubs in New York City, New Jersey and Long Island - anywhere they received airplay.
I consider these two CD's to be an absolute treasure. Even if Franz Ferdinand (who started not so far from where APB did in their native home of Scotland,) The Killers, The Rapture, Kasabian and many more of the new dance groove / new wave 80s inspired artists are not familiar with the amazing APB, I feel these bands all indirectly owe a debt to them. At the time when most artists are still rocking with nihilistic punk fervor, APB were fearlessly breaking new ground. I will always fondly remember them as one of the most exciting bands of the early 80s.


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