Grim Reefer Fest 420 feat. Ruby the Hatchet, Heavy Temple, Haze Mage & more!

Ruby The Hatchet

American female fronted hard/alternative rock and heavy metal band. They are especially heavily rooted in the psychedelic rock genre. Members of Ruby The Hatchet, are based in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Heavy Temple

Band Members:
(current lineup)
High Priestess Nighthawk (low end and vocal power)
Siren Tempest (rhythm)
Thunderhorse (6 string axe slinger)

Philadelphia, PA

Hard Fuzz, Psych and Doom

Forged in Baltimore, Maryland in late 2015, Haze Mage creates riff-driven anthemic fantasy metal that transports listeners to a world where they explore ancient dark forests, slay savage beasts, and bask in the sacred mystic haze. Haze Mage weaves their fantasy world through lyrics and sound that draw inspiration from many subgenres of metal to create one all their own: Sword and Sorcery Doom. Their influences include Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, The Sword, Clutch, High on Fire, and Sleep.

Haze Mage quickly gained attention in the Baltimore metal scene thanks to their exuberant and thundering stage shows, and within a year caught the ear of the local Grimoire Records label. In February 2017, Grimoire Records released the “Blood Mist” EP to critical praise from outlets such as The Obelisk, Worldwide Underground, and Heavy Planet, which describes it as “...bold, atmospheric, psychedelic, haunting, and memorable…”.

Haze Mage has been a consistent presence at a number of notorious annual public events including Artscape, Days of Darkness Festival, Shadow Woods Metal Fest, and Light City, as well as the Baltimore metal scene at clubs such as Metro Gallery, The Ottobar, and Soundstage. They also run their own annual mid-April concert, recently re-dubbed Grim Reefer Fest, that brings together bands from various metal genres from the region.


In just 3 sessions, Mountainwolf and long time friend and producer were able to record “The Silk Road” exactly how Vaillant heard it in his head. With a very successful crowd funding campaign, Mountainwolf was able to cut Vinyl and make CD’s with the psychedelic original artwork of bassist and renowned artist Chris Gipple. The album has been gaining traction worldwide upon it’s mid 2015 release.

With a live show that includes their heavy yet infectious grooves and stream of consciousness approach to improv jams, Mountainwolf continues to grow and is working towards the beginning steps of their next album, Absinthe Moon.

Heavy doom from Maryland


Tombtoker was born out of the love of Black Sabbath, Hardcore Punk, Noise Rock, and Extreme Metal. Cutting their teeth in Baltimore Hardcore Thrash band Enemy Insects and noise rock band Roomrunner, Tombtoker takes a doom-ier approach then their predecessors, calling the dead to rise from their tombs rather.

$20 advance/ $25 day of show


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