Larry and His Flask

Larry and His Flask

Larry And His Flask is made up of 6 young men who play their hearts out every chance they get! With beginnings in Redmond, Oregon LAHF started playing in late 2003 as a 3 piece punk rock band and have since evolved into a 6 man hillbilly jamboree. Passion and love of life is what powers them. It's never about drugs, money, or fancy things. It's about those perfect moments in a dank, poorly lit, cramped basement, a star lit field or a filthy street corner. Those are the moments that will last forever. With no sign of stopping or even breaking pace it is their every intention to sweat, bleed, travel to the point of exhaustion, and do anything it takes to take the music to the people who need it!

Black Square

Black Square is a Ska/punk/reggae band from Honolulu, Hawaii. They've been playing together since 2002. Features members from other Oahu bands, such as 86 List, Golfcart Rebellion, and the Smitz.

$15.00 - $18.00


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