When The Sun Sets

When The Sun Sets


The Liars' Club

The Liars' Club is a Two-Piece Pop Punk/Alternative Rock band from Yorkville, Illinois. In November 2017, they debuted their first studio album titled 'Relapse', which combines a number of different genres of music to make a significantly unique sound. With songs including full orchestrations, as well as multiple harmonies and dual guitar parts, The Liars' Club will make you rethink the concept of a two man band!

Misstep Forward

Three friend since grade school started playing music together in high school. The band started out as SML for a year before changing there name to Misstep Forward. All 3 (maybe not Jake) have a love for 90’s alternative rock music. This year they added a special guest bass player (Tim Booth from the Charlie Haley Band) to the band . 2018 has been a great year for the band they have been being picked up by band and promoters to play a lot of live shows. Misstep Forward has been known to bring a lot of energy to there shows. SO DON’T MISS THEM LIVE!!!
Ryan McQueen - Guitar & Vocals, Noah Evert - Guitar & Vocals, Jake Lange - Drums & Vocals, and special guest Tim Booth on Bass & Vocals

$10.00 - $13.00


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