Starting off with keyboards as an infant, he taught himself how to improvise throughout the years. G-Space has created his own distinct sound that grazes multiple genres, such as; world, funk, jazz, trap, glitch, and bass. He tends to play a set that is consisted mainly of his originals and the rest is filled with close friends’ music and other artists that he looks up to. Having inspirations from Jimmy Hendrix, Eprom, Mr. Carmack, The Grateful Dead, Shlump, Smith., Bleep Bloop, Boogie T, Pretty Lights and many more, G-Space has nested his way into quickly becoming one of the most interesting acts in the scene.

Not only does he play on multiple instruments and create amazing electronic music to match it. He has added a unique visual aspect to his performance. It’s called ‘Tricking’ which by definition, is a style “of extreme sport where the “athletes” do cool, fast, beautiful flips and kicks without any wires or trampolines,” (Defined from Urban Dictionary.) While playing the keytar on stage he is able to do a backflip and other insanely physically demanding and talented tricking skills. Having this special type of performance has been getting him recognized by many, as he has played Imagine Festival, Ultra Festival, and has just recently finished his ‘Euro-Trip Tour’ which spanned across several countries in Europe."
-The Chronic Electronic Magazine

Danny Grooves

Dan Winston AKA Danny Grooves is a midwest IL producer/DJ hitting full-force with a unique blend of styles of hip hop and EDM.

DG produced tracks featured on Mac Lethal’s album ‘Congratulations’ (#6 iTunes, Hip Hop)

With 14 years of music production experience, DG has battled in competition, of both producers and deejays to prove that his artistry is unparalleled in style and uniqueness.


Adamosity is an electronic music producer / DJ from Chicago IL. He has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists such as Run DMT, Midnight Conspiracy, AB The Thief, Kicks N Licks, to name a few, as well as performing at Summer Camp Music Fest and many more. Watch out for lots of new music from Adamosity coming your way soon!

Producer/DJ and deep dub alchemist hailing from the Chicagoland area.

!—>>—! Pronounced K-yol !—<<—!
(Irish Gaelic) Meaning: Music, or Song
Chicagoland native, showcasing some of the deepest and darkest 140 dubstep

$15.00 - $20.00


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