Sundays in the Swamp! with Crocodile Nasties & The Harold Team 2 Bed 3 Bath

Sundays in the Swamp with Crocodile Nasties

Each week, the dirtiest little reptiles in Chicago are joined by a Harold team from iO's stellar roster of talent, for a night filled with laughter, friendship and occasional fits of screaming. So take off your street shoes, plug your noses and remove any scent of red meat you may have lingering in facial hair or underneath fingernails and slide on in to the swamp with Crocodile Nasties!

The Harold Team 2 Bed 3 Bath

Established Dec. 2017



Crocodile Nasties are saddling up with the sweet horsies of 66 Mustang for Sundays in the Swamp! Every Sunday, swim by the Jason Chin Harold Cabaret for a show that combines the unbridled horsepower of the ‘Stangs with the wholesome nastiness of the Crocs. It’s a Sunday night romp that’ll make you laugh, cry, stomp, chomp, and maybe even learn something about the world around us. We haven’t decided yet!


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The Jason Chin Harold Cabaret at iO Chicago

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